About Us

My-Dawn Financial etymologyMy-Dawn had its genesis in Myron’s family. Myron has been extremely fortunate in always having the full support of his wife and family in his career and many interests. Together with his wife, Mary Ann, they provided a solid family life for their 3 children, Melanie Dawn, Michalene Nadia and Myles Myron. It was Melanie’s observation, prior to her brother’s birth, that her middle name Dawn was the first letter of everyone’s middle name, a fact we became aware of after a period of being unaware.

My-Dawn Financial was established to provide complete financial planning services and insurance protection for Myron’s clientele. Myron has been providing financial planning and insurance protection to families and organizations in Alberta since 1996.

In order to provide his clientele the best possible advice, Myron is continually learning. His credentials include CFP – Certified Financial Planner, CHS – Certified Health Insurance Specialist.  These credentials provide the highest standard for Financial and Insurance Planning for the benefit of individuals, families, businesses, and charities.

Prior to making the switch to financial planning, Myron had a successful career as an accountant / business manager. His 24 years of business experience included starting-up, acquiring, managing, selling and liquidating companies. He was fortunate to be involved in some of the leading companies in their industries, including:

  • Waygard Coating Systems Ltd.
  • United Corrosion Corporation
  • United Pipelines Systems
  • Caproco Corrosion Prevention Ltd
  • A.C. Duce Electric
  • Endicott Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
  • Curtis Hoover Ltd.
  • Silverwood Dairies Ltd.

While he was with these companies, Myron purchased and administered the company’s insurance requirements including:

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Funding Buy / Sell Agreements with Insurance
  • Company Pension Plans
  • Company Group RRSP Plans
  • Employee Group Benefit Plans – Extended Health & Dental Care, Life & Disability Insurance

Myron is continuously trying to incorporate his experience and education in the financial planning that he provides to his clientele.

For Myron community involvement has always been important, providing his support to:

  • Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society – Director & Treasurer since 1994, President in 2011
  • 2006 & 2009 Canadian National Racquetball Tournaments – Part of the Organizing Committee
  • Glen Allan Racquetball League – Organizer & Statistician for 3 years
  • Body Quest Racquetball League – Organizer & Statistician for 8 years
  • Community League Basketball – Coached for 7 years
  • Community League Baseball – Coached for 3 years
  • Avonmore Community League – Treasurer for 4 years
  • Waygard Employee Social Club – Treasurer for 4 years

A balanced life has always been important to Myron. He has always strived to stay physically active, playing basketball, tennis and racquetball until his knees gave out. Now he just tries to squeeze in a daily round of golf.